the Podcast

Because meaningful conversations with the people are priceless!

Design Disciple is envisioned as a platform for curious souls to find relevent conversations and new relationships across the creative fields. Through our interviews and podcasts we would open up various questions at the center of design wisdom. We would bring to you the unheard stories of creativity and leadership. Stories of individuals who transform our world with creative force that ignites the cultural growth of our country.

Extraordinary people and their invaluable tales are our strongest motivation behind design disciple. As one constantly looks out for themes aligned to their own thoughts and beliefs; we bring thought leaders with unique ideas and original thinking process to share their knowledge, to disucss in-outs of design fields and to move us with their creative journies.

We intend to grow this as a destination for inquisitiveness, for all the like-minded people and be an integral part of this creative ecosystem. We inspire them to cross-pollinate ideas, co-create fulfiling work and initiate a dialogue about creation and creativity.

If you want to discover personalities and know their mantras for creativity, Design Disciple is for you!

the HOST

Young and curious, Samradhi has always been looking for answers.

A communication designer by profession, Samradhi tries to finds correlation between simple and metaphysical theories. Inspired from basic concepts most of her work has a complex story to tell.

Brands, people, design everything around us contains a certain narrative, just like a book it’s for us to read, understand and appreciate.

Her most enriching experience is with Design Karkhana, her own enterprise for providing design and creative services across different disciplines. The startup presented an opportunity for associating with reputed clients across many industries from textiles and fashion to health, tourism and hospitality.

A devoted reader to all things informative, Samridhi also loves discovering gourmet cooking with a taste for oriental food and tea infusions. When not at work, one can spot her glued to the national geographic channel and wandering in the world of Phineas-n-Ferb or Dexter’s Laboratory.

Design Disciple is the project that opened my horizon to the creativity in everyday life, to design beyond the recognised industry, to the ingenious of simple people who do things extraordinarily.